San Diego River Conservancy is Allocated $12 Million for Regional Wildfire Prevention, Protection and Forest Health Projects

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 2021 (also available in PDF or Doc)

CONTACT: Julia Richards, Executive Officer

San Diego (April 14, 2021) – The San Diego River Conservancy announced today that Senate Bill 85 was signed by the Governor that allocates $12 million to the Conservancy under the Wildfire Early Action Program. These funds will be used to strengthen fire resiliency including creating fire breaks, fuel reduction, the removal of dead, diseased and dying trees, the removal of invasive non-native vegetation, reforestation projects, repairing fire access roads, monitoring and assessing forest health, and public outreach to support and encourage home hardening in the wildland urban interface zone. … read more

Proposition 68 Grants – Concept Proposal Form

Concept Proposal Form [pdf] [doc]

Concept Proposals are due to the Conservancy by 5 p.m. on February 26, 2021. After the Conservancy completes review of the proposals, eligible applicants will be invited to submit full applications that are due by 4 pm on May 31, 2021. Submit documents by email to  or by hard copy to the San Diego River Conservancy, 11769 Waterhill Rd., Bldg. #2, Lakeside, California, 92040.


January 4, 2021


[pdf] [doc]

Funding for this grant program is provided by Proposition 68 – The California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act, approved by voters in June 2018. This second round of funding furthers the purposes of the Conservancy’s enabling legislation, Division 22.9, which authorizes the Conservancy to award grants. The Conservancy supports projects that advance a number of goals, including public access, recreation, conservation, resource protection, climate resiliency, improve water quality and native habitat restoration to increase biodiversity of flora and fauna.

The San Diego River Conservancy is pleased to announce the availability of approximately $2 million in funding for Proposition 68, Round 2. The amount awarded will depend on the quality of the proposals submitted. Work performed under the grant program is on a reimbursement basis and subject to availability of funds through the State’s normal budget process.

Eligible projects categories:
(1) Land Conservation Projects
(2) Resource Protection and Restoration Projects
(3) Vegetation Management and Fire Safety Projects
(4) Trail and Facility Improvement Projects
(5) Planning and Design Projects
(6) Water Quality and Flood Management Projects
(7) Community Access

Concept Proposals are due to Dustin Harrison and Julia Richards no later than 5:00 pm on February 26, 2021. Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Conservancy prior to submitting a Concept Proposal.

For information, forms and sample documents, please visit:
Guidelines for Prop 68 grant program:

For inquiries contact the Program Manager:
Dustin Harrison at 619.390.0571 or

San Diego River Recreational Trail Plan (formerly Gaps Analysis) – List for Discussion

The Conservancy is seeking input from the public and regional stakeholders regarding the San Diego River Recreational Trail Plan. Download the Draft (FOR DISCUSSION ONLY – WORKING COPY.)

The 30-day public review and comment period is open from Friday 9/25/2020 through 10/25/2020. Should you have any questions or comments please contact Dustin Harrison, Environmental Scientist, at (858) 500-2966, (619) 390-0571,

Greening San Diego Grant Program – Draft Grant Program Guidelines

For public review: The Greening San Diego Grant Program (Greening Program) provides funding for tree and vegetation planting projects and related green infrastructure to reduce and mitigate against Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) and climate change. The Conservancy is interested in projects that contain a significant shade-tree planting component or to augment, expand, or better manage healthy urban, riparian and rural forests, parks and open space areas and provide multi-benefits.

The Greening Program Guidelines (Guidelines) establish the process the Conservancy will use to solicit concept proposals. Project proposals must be consistent with the Conservancy’s enabling legislation, its Strategic Plan and the Guidelines’ project selection criteria.

Comments should be emailed to Comments may also be mailed to the San Diego River Conservancy, 11769 Waterhill Road, Bldg. 2, Lakeside, CA 92040. The Guidelines will be revised based on the public comments and then presented to the Conservancy’s Governing Board Members at an upcoming public meeting for approval.

To review the draft guidelines, download the PDF

Public Meeting San Diego River Conservancy – May 14, 2020 – Teleconference

A teleconference meeting, open to the public, of the Governing Board of The San Diego River Conservancy will be held on Thursday, May 14th, 2020, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The call # will be (877) 402-9757 and the access code will be 606349, followed by a # sign.

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued March 18, 2020, to maximize social distancing and public safety, the San Diego River Conservancy will conduct this meeting by telephone only. Follow this link to the agenda and meeting materials.

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