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Who Are We
Who Are We?

The San Diego River Conservancy was established by an act of the California Legislature (AB 2156, Kehoe) to preserve, restore and enhance the San Diego River Area. The Conservancy is a new, independent, non-regulatory agency within the Resources Agency of the State of California. The Conservancy's 13 member Governing Board consists of both state and local representatives, creating a partnership which reflects the diversity and dedication to conserving this highly valued resource of statewide significance.

What Do We Do?

As an independent government agency our mission, the restoration and conservation of the San Diego River Area, is accomplished by (1) acquiring, managing and conserving land; and (2) protecting or providing recreational opportunities, open space, wildlife species and habitat, wetlands, water quality, natural flood conveyance, historical / cultural resources, and educational opportunities. One important Conservancy goal is to build, in conjunction with our partners, a River-long park and hiking trail stretching fifty-two miles from the River's headwaters near Julian to the Pacific Ocean.

Why the San Diego River?

The San Diego River area is an historical, archeological and biological treasure of statewide significance. The San Diego River area is the "Birthplace of California" and holds the key to the State's heritage. With human inhabitants for over 8,000 years, the San Diego River Area boasts no less than twenty-nine State Historic Landmarks, four National Historic Landmarks, three state parks, twenty local and municipal parks and public open spaces, as well as rich cultural resources.

Today, the San Diego River Watershed is home to over one-half million people, including five Native American tribes, and at least twenty-five state and federally listed endangered and threatened plant and animal species.

The San Diego River is also of significant economic value to the state. The San Diego River Conservancy area welcomes more than twenty five million visitors, helping to support an annual tourism industry in San Diego of over five billion dollars.

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