Public Meeting San Diego River Conservancy – September 10, 2020 – Teleconference

Notice of Public Meeting
San Diego River Conservancy

A public meeting of the Governing Board of
The San Diego River Conservancy
will be held Thursday,

September 10, 2020
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Call: (877) 402-9757
Access Code: 606349 (press # after entering code)

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued March 18, 2020, to maximize social distancing and public safety, the San Diego River Conservancy will conduct this meeting by telephone only. Board members, staff, and the public may participate remotely using the teleconference phone number and access code noted above. Please mute your phone unless you are speaking.

For Questions Contact:
Wendell Taper at or (619) 390-0568

Download the Board Meeting packet for this meeting:

20200910-SDRC-meeting-packet in PDF format
20200910-SDRC-meeting-packet in docx format

Meeting Agenda

The Board may take agenda items out of order to accommodate speakers and to maintain a quorum, unless noted as time specific.

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of Minutes (ACTION)
Consider approval of minutes for the May 14, 2020 meeting.

3. Public Comment (INFORMATIONAL)
Any person may address the Governing Board at this time regarding any matter within the Board’s authority. Presentations will be limited to three minutes for individuals and five minutes for representatives of organizations. Submission of information in writing is encouraged. The Board is prohibited by law from taking any action on matters that are discussed that are not on the agenda; no adverse conclusions should be drawn by the Board’s not responding to such matters or public comments.

4. Chairperson’s and Governing Board Members’ Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

5. Deputy Attorney General Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

6. Health and Safety Report (INFORMATIONAL)

7. Helix Water District (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)
Helix Water District has determined approximately 105 acres in the El Monte Valley (APNs: for portions of 392-050-47, 392-060-43, and 392-130-47) are surplus to its needs. Helix has discussed selling approximately 98 acres to the County of San Diego and the remaining acreage to River Valley Equestrian Center, which currently leases that acreage from Helix. Under Public Resources Code section 32646, the Conservancy has the first right of refusal (FROR) to acquire the properties as they are public lands suitable for park and open space within the Conservancy’s jurisdiction. The Conservancy will consider whether to exercise its FROR or take other action to allow negotiations with the County and River Valley Equestrian Center to proceed. If Helix does not sell the property to the County and River Valley Equestrian Center, the Conservancy will retain its FROR with respect to future transactions.

Bruce Beach, Partner
Best, Best and Krieger
Carlos Lugo, Jim Tomasulo, Milica Schipper and Debbie Lundy, Helix Water District

8. Summary of Final Applications for Proposition 1, Round 5 (INFORMATIONAL)
Notice of funding availability posted on December 6th, 2019 announcing approximately $2 million, for Round 5. The Conservancy received 10 concept proposals and 7 full applications.

Dustin Harrison, Environmental Scientist

9. Guidelines for Greening San Diego (ACTION)
The Conservancy staff provided an overview of Greening San Diego Program to the Governing Board Members in November 2019. The Conservancy’s Chair instructed staff to develop grant program guidelines for the Board Members’ review and approval.  The Conservancy posted the draft guidelines on its website for 30-day public review and gathered input from local partners. The Board will consider whether to adopt the guidelines.

Julia Richards, Executive Officer

10. Executive Officer’s Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)
The following topics may be included in the Executive Officer’s Report. The Board may take action regarding any of them:

  • Conservancy’s budget update
  • 2021 Proposed Board Meeting dates
    • January 14th
    • March 11th
    • May 13th
    • July 8th
    • September 9th
    • November 11th
  • Nepotism policy for Board Approval
  • Carlton Oaks segment of the San Diego Trail (GAP 44 and 45) SANDAG update
  • Cuyamaca Rancho State Park – Reforestation Project
    Prescribed Burn Conducted at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park May 21, 2020
  • Proposition 68 Update, Round 2, Key action dates:
    Concept Proposal:                   January 4 – February 26, 2021
    Final Application:                   May 31, 2021
    Board Review/ Approval:      July, September, November 2021

11. Next Meeting
The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held November 12, 2020, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

12. Adjournment


If you require a disability related modification or accommodation to participate in this meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please call Wendell Taper at 619-390-0568 or Julia Richards at 619-507-5085