Public Meeting San Diego River Conservancy – January 14, 2021 – Teleconference

Notice of Public Meeting
San Diego River Conservancy

A public meeting of the Governing Board of
The San Diego River Conservancy
will be held Thursday,
January 14, 2021
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

In Person Meeting Participation Prohibited

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued December 14, 2020, and to maximize social distancing and public safety, the San Diego River Conservancy will conduct this meeting by video and audio only. Board members, staff, and the public may participate remotely.

Zoom Meeting ID: 990 8611 9466

For Audio only

(669) 900-6833 passcode 99086119466#

For Questions Contact:

Wendell Taper at or (619) 390-0568

Download the Board Meeting packet for this meeting:

20210114-SDRC-meeting-packet in PDF format, or
20210114-SDRC-meeting-packet in Word format

Meeting Agenda

The Board may take agenda items out of order to accommodate speakers and to maintain a quorum, unless noted as time specific.

1.   Roll Call

2.   Approval of Minutes (ACTION)
Consider approval of minutes for the November 12, 2020 meeting.

3.  Public Comment (INFORMATIONAL)
Any person may address the Governing Board at this time regarding any matter within the Board’s authority. Presentations will be limited to three minutes for individuals and five minutes for representatives of organizations. Submission of information in writing is encouraged. The Board is prohibited by law from taking any action on matters that are discussed that are not on the agenda; no adverse conclusions should be drawn by the Board’s not responding to such matters or public comments.

4.  Chairperson’s and Governing Board Members’ Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

5.  Deputy Attorney General Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

6.  Health and Safety Report (INFORMATIONAL)  

7.  Alvarado Creek Invasive Plant Removal, Phase V – Proposition 1 (ACTION)
San Diego State University Research Foundation seeks $1,839,423.98 in Proposition 1 grant funds to remove invasive non-native plants along Alvarado Creek, a tributary to the San Diego River. Conservancy staff recommends $600,0000.  The project will remove approximately 6.5 acres of non-native vegetation along the lower section of Alvarado Creek to increase flood capacity and promote native recruitment for the riparian habitat which provides wildlife corridors for endangered species of flora and fauna.


Julie Lambert, Senior Project Manager, Soil Ecology and Restoration Group, SDSU
Tom Zink, Principal Investigator, Biology Department, San Diego State University

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution 21-01 

8.  Ruffin Canyon Invasive Plant Removal, Phase 2 – Proposition 1 (ACTION)
San Diego Canyonlands seeks $624,916.85 in Proposition 1 grant funds to remove invasive non-native plants and Conservancy staff recommends $600,0000.  This proposed project covers 7 acres including habitat restoration and targets removal of 275 palm trees and other invasive vegetation.


Clayton Tschudy, Executive Director, San Diego Canyonlands

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution 21-02

9.  Lindo Lake Restoration and Water Quality Improvements- Proposition 1 (ACTION)
The County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation seeks $2,500,000 and Conservancy staff is recommending $600,000, in Proposition 1 grant funds for native habitat restoration and to improve water quality at Lindo Lakes County Park’s east basin by installation of Best Management Practices (BMP) and installation of 267 native trees in the community of Lakeside.  BMPs include improvements for storm drains inlet/outlet, weirs, spillway, and concrete culverts.


Ieszic Formeller, Park Project Manager, County of San Diego Parks and Recreation

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution 21-03

10. City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department, Sale of Assets to East County Advanced Water Purification Joint Powers Authority (JPA) (INFORMATIONAL)
The East County Advanced Water Purification Program is a collaborative effort between Padre Dam Municipal Water District, the City of El Cajon, the County of San Diego and Helix Water District to create a new, local, sustainable and drought proof drinking water supply for San Diego’s East County. The East Mission Gorge Pump Station located in Santee along Mission Gorge Road is currently owned by the City of San Diego.  The East County Advanced Water Purification JPA is working to acquire the pump station.


Niki McGinnis, Principal Water Resources Specialist, City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department
Mary Carlson, Interim Director of Real Estate Assets, City of San Diego, Real Estate Assets
Seval Sen, Engineering Manager, Padre Dam Municipal Water District

11.  Executive Officer’s Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)
The following topics may be included in the Executive Officer’s Report. The Board may take action regarding any of them:

  • Legislative Report
  • Proposition 68 Update
  • Proposition 1 Update

12. Next Meeting
The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held March 11, 2021, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

13. Adjournment


If you require a disability related modification or accommodation to participate in this meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please email Wendell Taper at or Dustin Harrison at