Notice of Public Meeting San Diego River Conservancy – November 10, 2022

Notice of Public Meeting
San Diego River Conservancy

A public meeting of the Governing Board of
The San Diego River Conservancy
will be held Thursday, November 10, 2022
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Virtual Public Meeting

Pursuant to Government Code Section 11133 and to maximize social distancing and public safety, the San Diego River Conservancy will conduct this meeting via video and audio. Board members, staff, and the public may participate remotely.

Zoom Meeting ID: 896 3696 0010


Call in number

(669) 444-9171, passcode 89636960010#


Meeting Agenda

The Board may take agenda items out of order to accommodate speakers and to maintain a quorum, unless noted as time specific.

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of Minutes (ACTION)
Consider approval of minutes for the September 8, 2022 meeting.

3. Public Comment (INFORMATIONAL)
Any person may address the Governing Board at this time regarding any matter within the Board’s authority. Presentations will be limited to three minutes for individuals and five minutes for representatives of organizations. Submission of information in writing is encouraged. The Board is prohibited by law from taking any action on matters that are discussed that are not on the agenda; no adverse conclusions should be drawn by the Board’s not responding to such matters or public comments.

4. Chairperson’s and Governing Board Members’ Report (INFORMATIONAL)

5. Deputy Attorney General Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

6. Health and Safety Report (INFORMATIONAL)

7. San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Investigative Order No. R9-2019-0014 for the San Diego River (INFORMATIONAL) 

On June 12, 2019, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board issued Investigative Order No. R9-2019-0014 in response to water quality data collected from the San Diego River and its tributaries.  The responses indicated the presence of human fecal material in the watershed, which poses a potential health risk to people recreating in local surface waters such as rivers and the ocean. The intent of the Order is to identify and quantify the sources and transport pathways of human fecal material to the Lower San Diego River.  The Order requires the 10 responsible parties to submit a Final Investigative Study Report in June 2024.  Data and information required by the Investigative Order will be considered and may be used by the San Diego Water Board, as well as the named public agencies, to prioritize, target and abate the sources of human fecal material.

James Smith, Senior Environmental Scientist, San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board

8. Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians Request to Fund the Purchase of a Type 3 Fire Engine and Conduct Vegetation Management (ACTION)

Viejas is seeking funding to purchase a Type 3 Fire Engine and to undertake vegetation management on its Tribal Lands and the surrounding areas within the San Diego River and Sweetwater River watersheds. Staff recommends the Conservancy board adopt Resolution No. 22-10, which would provide funding in the amount of $593,445 for the purchase of the engine and $31,694 for vegetation management for a total of $625,139 from funds from the Budget Act of 2021.

Ray Teran, Resource Management Director, Viejas Tribal Government
Bob Pfohl, Viejas Fire Chief

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution 22-10

9. Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy Request to Fund the San Diego River Science Field Station (ACTION)

On January 9, 2020, the Conservancy approved resolution 20-01 for a $250,000 grant to Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy (LRPC) to develop the San Diego River Science Field Station for the public and prepare the project site for infrastructure and utilities. LRPC anticipates completing the work for that phase of the project by the end of this year. LRPC applied for additional funding for the construction of the science center. The proposed resolution would provide an additional grant in the amount of $1,200,000 to complete the construction of the field station for use as a living laboratory for students, teachers, and scientists to learn about environmental science and stewardship of the San Diego River. The location serves a disadvantaged community and provides direct access to the river and the San Diego River Trail.

Julie Turko, Assistant Executive Director, Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution   22-11

10. San Diego Canyonlands’ Proposal to Update the San Diego River Conservancy’s Strategic Plan Update for 2024-2029 (ACTION)

Every five years, the San Diego River Conservancy prepares a strategic plan as a guiding document to set overall goals for the Conservancy and develop a plan to achieve them.  In the past, the Conservancy engaged the services of external organizations to assist in preparing the updates.  San Diego Canyonlands is requesting $65,000 to gather data and insights (through research, surveys, and interviews), analyze, and work closely with the Conservancy to prepare an update to the Conservancy’s strategic plan.  This proposed project will review the Conservancy’s mission, enabling legislation and alignment of adopted local plans, regional conservation priorities, and State plans and priorities.  The update will focus on the Conservancy’s program areas and its goals to promote public access and sustainable conservation practices, respond to climate change, and increase service levels to traditionally underserved and economically disadvantaged communities.  This plan will serve as an umbrella and a path for moving forward with developing strategic plans for the following watersheds:  Sweetwater River, Otay River, and Tijuana River.  In addition, San Diego Canyonlands will conduct interviews with the Conservancy Governing Board Members, partner organizations, and Kumeyaay tribal leadership and conduct workshops for community members and the general public on creative strategies to reach these goals from a watershed-wide perspective.

Clayton Tschudy, Executive Director, San Diego Canyonlands

Recommendation:       Approve Resolution 22-12

11. Presentation on “Carbon Storage and Sequestration Assessment for Four Watersheds in San Diego County, California” (INFORMATIONAL)

San Diego Canyonlands received a grant from the Conservancy to assess the carbon storage and sequestration potential for the natural and working lands of the San Diego River, Sweetwater River, Otay River, and Tijuana River watersheds in San Diego County.  San Diego Canyonlands partnered with Dudek to implement the study. Dudek will summarize their baseline carbon storage findings and discuss their methods of estimating projected carbon sequestration over time in Southern California’s study area.  The data obtained from this report will be publicly available on the Conservancy’s website.

Clayton Tschudy, Executive Director, San Diego Canyonlands

Mike Howard, Principal/Biologist, DUDEK

12. San Diego River Conservancy’s Legislative Report for 2021-2022 (INFORMATIONAL)

San Diego River Conservancy staff is providing a draft legislative report for the Governing Board Members’ review.  This report contains information regarding projects funded and performed by the San Diego River Conservancy based on programs identified in its strategic plan and actions undertaken to achieve its objectives.

Julia Richards, Executive Officer, San Diego River Conservancy

13. Executive Officer’s Report (INFORMATIONAL/ ACTION)

The following topics may be included in the Executive Officer’s Report. The Board may take action regarding any of the following:

  • 2022-2023 Budget for the Conservancy
  • Notice Of Funding Availability
  • Proposition 1 and Proposition 68 project status

14. Next Meeting

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held Thursday, January 12, 2023, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

15. Adjournment


If you require a disability-related modification or accommodation to participate in this meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please call Wendell Taper at 619-390-0568 or Julia Richards at 619-507-5085