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1350 Front St. Suite 3024
San Diego, CA 92101

Governing Board and Staff
Our governing board is comprised of 13 members, 11 voting and 2 non-voting members who are appointed or are designated by virtue of the office they hold: local, state and federal. The Conservancy has no power of condemnation or authority over city zoning laws.


Kevin Faulconer, Mayor Mayor, City of San Diego
Dianne Jacob Supervisor, Second District, County of San Diego
Scott Sherman Councilmember, District 7, City of San Diego
Michael Cohen Director, Department of Finance
John Laird Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency
Lisa Mangat Director, Department of Parks and Recreation
Benjamin Clay, Chair Public at Large: Appointed by the Governor
Ann Haddad Public at Large: Appointed by the Governor
Andrew Poat Public at Large: Appointed by the Governor
Deanna Spehn Special Assistant to Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins
78th Assembly District
Ruth Hayward Public at Large: Appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules
John Donnelly (non-voting) Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Board
Gary Strawn (non-voting) San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board


Dustin Harrison Environmental Scientist
San Diego River Conservancy
Julia Richards Executive Officer
San Diego River Conservancy
Deputy Attorney General
Hayley Peterson
Staff Counsel

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